Tuesday, July 13, 2010

GL Haunted Summer Vacations Continue: The Menger Hotel, San Antonio, TX

Built in 1859 there is said to be thirty two apparitions at The Menger Hotel. The original site once stood a brewery. The hotel was built to accommodate the patrons to the brewery. The hotel also built a special tunnel directly to the brewery.
Maid Sallie White has been seen walking the hallways. She's seen carrying towels. She was murdered by her husband and was buried at the hotel' expense.
Captain Richard King (founder of the King Ranch) enters the King Suite through a wall. Exactly where once was a door. He was so fond of the hotel that his funeral was held there.
In another room a guest saw a man dressed in a buckskin jacket. What is odd about this particular haunting is that he was seen "speaking" as if someone was there.
In the hotel's kitchen many of the staff has seen utensils "floating".
A lady is seen knitting in the lobby dressed in old fashion clothing. An employee asked the woman if she was comfortable or if she need anything. She said "No" and vanished.
It is also believed that President Teddy Roosevelt haunts from time to time. Many of his Rough Riders were recruited at the brewery.
The hotel is also located adjacent to the Alamo. In between the hotel and the Alamo is an area called Alamo Plaza. It was used as a cemetery. It's estimated about a thousand people were buried there. This not including the buried from the Alamo. Many people say they hear the sound of heavy footsteps. Like of those of military boots.

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