Monday, July 19, 2010

GL TV Review: My Ghost Story on Bio Channel

First of all, I like the show but disappointed at the same time.
Many of the "stories" being told have been debunked along time ago. What seems to surprise me is that the stories still go on just the same.
For instance: Waverly Hills "child playing with a ball" have been clearly explained how it was moving around by itself. Uneven floors and drafts is the cause due to lack of windows. The other is orbs (dust) and rods (usually bugs) in pictures and films. These are both usually thrown out the window to use as to prove of a presence of a "ghost". I'm very surprised "again" of it still being used as proof.
A lot more of the stories have been proven as a non-hauntings.  These have been explained over and over again.
As an upside to this show there are a few surprises. Some are brand new cases which makes it worth while to watch. Some really make you think, is it real? Here's one sample of what I'm talking about:

"The Hospice Closet Ghost"   under Haunting Revealed, Part 4, 5:45


  1. Great post! I don't know how the ones that have been debunked keep getting spread as "evidence." But it was nice to see you making sure to note not only that it was but HOW. If only more bloggers were as responsible as you!!!

  2. Thank you Court! Trying to keep up with the comments as I go. I've been pretty busy lately! Thanks again!

  3. I loved the piece on the hospice closet ghost...really creepy!