Wednesday, July 7, 2010

GL Video Review: Alan Wake, Xbox 360

Your probably wondering. Is she really going to write about a video game? What does this have to do with the paranormal? Let me just say something first about video games. I have watched video games change and grow all through the years. From "watching" my nephews play Atari in diapers. To watching my son and friends play. I love Toe Jam and Earl. It was one of the few games like Zelda I actually played.
Now let's get to "Alan Wake".  I "watched" my son play the game. And I was intrigued by the story. Believe me, this was very enjoyable to the point that I'm still confused? And that's a good thing. It makes you think and want more.
If any of you liked "Twin Peaks" or "Twilight" you'll love this. As for paranormal? Let's say we don't know who is real or not. Who's alive or dead.
Without ruining everything for you guys. I'll give you an outline to the plot. The main character is a writer ala Stephen King and his wife Alice. The place? It's like a Twin Peakish kind of place called Bright Falls. There are entities that are called "The Taken". Then there is "The Presence". I really don't want to say anymore then that.
The people who created this video were no dopes (they created Max Payne). They really knew how to market this video. There are Prequels to the video on Youtube. With "real" people playing actual roles. But let's not stop there. There are "two" of each of these prequels. One, the movie short. The second, people reviewing the movie short.
Next they have a "real" singing group in the game, Poets of the Fall (again I don't want to give it away). But they are seen as an older "hippie-type" men in the game, Old God of Asgard. In real life they are younger men. Pretty smart move.
Another hint: The story continues with two downloadable add-ons through Xbox.
For me I wouldn't be surprised if this was made into a real movie like Max Payne. Or a book. I could really envision that to be the next step.
Do I recommend this game? Yes! If you don't want to play the game then look for someone that will play it. And enjoy watching the story.
Roger Ebert wrote an article about videos are not art. It means he never "watched" or for that matter looked at any of these games. This one is one of them. The work that was done is amazing. I loved it!

The Video movie. There are 6 parts.
Here's to get a taste:

Second video is WTBF (What The Bright Falls). There are 6 parts. It same same as above. But different. Strange huh?
To get you started-But give the video sometime for the "reviewers" to start speaking. 

Offficial website

Ebert's Review on video games.

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