Tuesday, July 27, 2010

GL Video Game Review: Spooky Creepy Little Video Game Called "Limbo".

Limbo just came out about a week ago for Xbox Live Arcade.
First off I can tell you right now that I liked the game. Why? Because it's completely different. It's very cool! The game has an extreme minimal amount of music (almost none). No voices. What this causes is it "enhances" all your senses to every sounds. Which in turn causes you to have a stronger reaction to the action on the screen. There is no color. Which gives the feel of an old fashion silent film. The action is mostly done in the shadows. The main character is a little boy looking for his lost sister. It's a very eerie and haunting game. WARNING: The little boy dies violently throughout the game. But you can't see it "clearly" which makes the scenes more intense. Physics is very much becomes a big part of the later part game. You really have to figure this out like a big puzzle. A complex one at that.
What's personally funny for me is that I just saw the movie "Inception" this past weekend. Both the movie and the game have very similar endings (I don't want to spoil it by telling you).
Why is it called Limbo? You just have to play the game and see!

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