Friday, April 16, 2010

And Now For Something Completely Different: The Haunting Of Jill Zarin Of The Housewives Of NYC

Love this show! This Season 3 is the best. The cat fights are not to miss. Hey, there was even a psychic on the show. But, has anyone notice how Jill is always in someone face? About something or another. It's a kinda of scary!
First, poor Bethenney must have nightmares every night. As she's sleeps she hears Jill's voice, "Were done! Were done! Were done!"
Ramona always has Jill checking out her jewelry. Almost two inches away from her face. That face! That stare, questioning her taste. It makes Ramona eyes "pop out" more, and more. How frightening the thought.
LuAnn must be terrified of phone calls. With Jill's voice telling her on the other end of the line saying, "I have a man for you to meet. I can set you up. He's 85 years old". She get must have a shiver down her spine with every ring. But, she can't tell her. Because their new BFF's.
Poor Alex. As much as she wants to be the "calm one" of the group. Jill has her "black kettle" boiling. Very slowly. So, as they having any "conversation". Alex can feel the heat rising (mainly Jill's lying). As her blood pressure is rising. Jill turns the heat higher. The brew is almost done (who will win?). Or, is it?
And, Kelly. Well, what can I say about a space cadet. But, she does keep a close eye on Jill. Beware of strange emails! What do they mean?
But, beware of the "new" housewife, Sonja. What chills and thrills will she bring to the table. We shall see!

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