Thursday, April 29, 2010

GL TV Review: Ghost Hunters

I haven't done a review of GH in awhile. And, there's a major reason why? It hasn't changed. And, not for the better. So, not to rehash things. Let's get to the main problem.
In last nights show they were at a private residence. Small too. They have enough equipment on them to take on huge ships. So, why not cover the entire place from top to bottom. But, they don't. So many things are questionable. We saw a child's room with a toy carriage. Notice, we don't see the wheels. But, as evidence they show it moving. How do we know if "someone" is there off camera moving the darn thing. We hear footsteps. Upstairs and down. Where's the camera's? It's the same old, same old. And, you know what? It really doesn't seem to bother them. Which bothers me? I can't believe Syfy is continuing with their franchises series. There has to be some change "next" year. Because I'll let you all know. I'm not going to watch this show anymore. Period! It's a waste of my life. And, it's a shame. I love the paranormal.

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