Wednesday, April 21, 2010

GL Book Review: "Brandywine Valley Ghosts" By Laurie Hull

There was a Borders Express closing down at the mall I was at. So, of course would rush in and grab as many good "ghost", "haunting", books as I can get. The first one I'm still in the process of reading. The whole title is "Brandywine Valley Ghosts, Haunts of Southeastern Pennsylvania" by Laurie Hull. She is the founder and director of Delaware County Paranormal Research.
It's a very cute little soft covered book. Full of pictures. And, it has one of my favorite things. It has some stories you normally wouldn't know about. Or, hear about. Real mysteries! Love it! The Brandywine region is steep in historical history of the American Revolution. So, this is a great gift for a history buff. It also where the great artist Andrew Wyeth comes from.
So, when I'm finished I will "finish" my book review. To be continued...

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  1. Oh wow. I'd love to see this area anyway. Read about it in a Woman's World once and thought it sounded neat. But now to learn it also has ghosts??? Very cool!