Thursday, April 15, 2010

Plan For A Haunted Summer Vacation: First, Niagara Falls

Well, it's close to that time of year again. Last year I wrote about some of the usual places people go for vacation. This year I thought I'll swing around the country like the Griswald's. The old fashion Mom & Pop vacations. Route 66 style.
First, Niagara Falls I personally went years ago. The first thing you notice is the "sound". You can hear the fall about 5 miles away. And you think, "People live with this sound, a day long?". It always remind me of the old movie, "Niagara" with Marilyn Monroe.
The War of 1812 Niagara have seen one of the fierce's battles.
When visiting make sure you stay at a couple of Inns. Old Keefer Mansion in Thorold, Ontario was built in 1886. The building was built on the same land as the American Hospital of 1812. The Inn through the years was used as a mental hospital, a bar, apartment complex, and a retirement home. They hear footsteps in one of the rooms. Banging on the stairwell. Faucets turning on and off. Squeaking gates. The smell of pipe smoke in the basement. Which also where ghostly figures have been seen.
Another is Angel Inn in Niagara on the Lake. A British officer was murdered by two American soldiers in the basement (What is it with the basements?). People say that they feel cold spots in the bathrooms. The spirit is also known for it's dislike towards Americans. More so when the innkeepers want to serve American beer.
Stay at the Econo-Lodge (west of the falls). It's a short distance walk to the Drummond Hill Cemetery where it is said that people see the spirits of dying soldiers roaming around the cemetery's fields.
During your stay make sure you visit other haunted sites such as:

Information of the War of 1812:


  1. A vacation without spending money and going anywhere? Cool and thanks! Being unemployed and not able to travel far, I will have to live the vacations though others experiences.

  2. It sadly seems to be the case in these days. My son's in the same boat. I hope you'll get a job soon.