Monday, April 26, 2010

Haunted Summer Vacations Continue: Double Eagle Restaurant, Mesilla, NM

Now that we are nearing Cinco De Mayo. I thought it would be fun to find a haunted location in New Mexico.
The Double Eagle Restaurant was built during the 1840's after the Mexican American War.
The adobe building was a private home until the 1950's. During the years it has had many different businesses.
As the story goes there was a family call Maes or Maese. The Senora, Carlotta had plans for her very wealthy family. Mostly her eldest son, Armando. She wanted him to marry "up". She promised his hand to an aristocratic family in Mexico City. But, her son fell in love with a beautiful servant called Inez. They tried very hard to keep their love a secret. One day, the Senora came home early then expected. She found them in Love's Embrace. She went to her sewing basket to retrieve a pair of sewing shears. Nobody can really say what the "true" story is. There are so many versions. Either she stab one or both?
The hauntings consist of full bodied apparitions. The smell of lavender. Moving furniture, breaking glass, and whispering.

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