Thursday, April 22, 2010

GL Popcorn Movie Review: The Skeptic

I really was looking forward to watch this movie (on cable). Great scenery, not a bad story. It did have the right feel, spooky. But, then as your watching (without giving anything away) it just fell flat. The writer had the basic idea right. It just went off course. Way, way off. And, it's a shame.
The condense story, it's about an attorney who thinks he inherited a huge mansion from his aunt. Good so far. But, then he finds out it's willed to a sleep study group. So, he sleeps at the mansion till it's finalized. That's where it goes, downhill. Bottom line, the main twist? The film goes from being a scary haunted story to a psychological thriller. The problem is, guess? The writer! He tried too hard for a fancy story and it failed. Sorry, to be so hard. So, see it. But, for free.

Popcorn buckets: **


  1. Hey, thanks for the warning! I might watch it on Netflix just for the atmosphere. There's too few scary movies in scary houses any longer--they take place in the city or the suburbs but nothing really gothic. Sometimes, I just put a flick on in the background for atmosphere and mood.

  2. I love 'B' movies. And, that's how I see this particular movie. Enjoy it! But, only when you have no other movie to see.