Monday, April 12, 2010

Do We Become Ghosts? I Wonder?

I've been asking this question to myself for years. As the older I get. The more I think we just up and die. Just, no more! I think the reason "I" want to believe there is something beyond is because of my experiences. But, are those "experiences" really the soul. Or, spirit. Ghost as we call it. Or, is it something else? Like another dimension? Which I seem more to lean to. I've written before about reincarnation. Which is another area I think it can be.
The taps, knocks, talking, appearances of ghosts. Should it be seen as "proof" of a beyond? I don't personally think so. It's the "what" is "it" we should look more closer at. It never seems with all these paranormal investigations that people ask that simple question. How can you help something you don't understand? Are they really trying to communicate with the living? Just what is "it" trying to do? Maybe it's a photograph kind of thing. It's just there.
I think this will be the future of paranormal investigations. Because there is nothing further you can do with just taking evps, photographs, thermals of every haunted location. The next step would be to understand what it is? And, why it is? And, is that going to be us in the future? It would help us understand to why this happens to us as human beings? If it really is the case?


  1. I've been ghost hunting for a very long time and I definitely believe in residual. As to whether there are actual spirits of the dead talking to us, I don't know, but I am absolutely certain I have had lengthy interactions with something intelligent. Could be another dimension, could be a life form we can't perceive because we lack the senses... I have had a couple things happen to me that make me think we do have some sort of after life. I'm a very strong logic-minded skeptic, but I am leaning towards something about continued existence.

  2. I tend to be a skeptic also. I don't think the taps, noises, or paranormal investigations prove the existence of ghosts or define the afterlife (until we are dead). I also don't think we ever will be able to define the afterlife. It is one of the great mysteries.

  3. Thanks guys! So, I'm not alone in this topic. I'll write more about this in the near future. And, welcome!