Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy "1st" Anniversary, Ghost Lounge!

Well, I made it, so far. I can't believe a year went by that fast. So, here I would like to review some things.
First of all I would like to thank my followers. If it weren't for you guys. I would find it hard to continue writing. So, thanks again.
Second, the reason I started writing in the first place? I'm really a forum writer. And, the problems that I found then are the same today. So, I'm thankful for it forcing me to create my blog.
Last, the future. I would really like to have more time to really make my blog, pop! I need help in that department. But, I still have not gotten a "outside" group started. That's still my goal. The other is to do a journal of day trips to haunted locations. I wanted to do that last year. But, life got in the way. So, let's see this year will be different. I hope?
So, Happy 1st GL!


  1. Happy's to more years of blogging!

  2. Hey, this is a bit belated but Happy Anniversary! I hope you get more time to do more day trips to haunted locations (that's what I like to do and I call them Haunt Jaunts, hence my blog's name). I'd love to hear about your adventures. You always share such great stuff.

    2nd, I have a bit of an anniversary gift for you. I've been meaning to swing by for WEEKS now and tell you, know that Life thing you mentioned? Yep, got me too!

    Anyway I named yours as one of the Beautiful Blog Award Winners.

    Oh, and are you on Twitter? If you want to grow your blog more and make it pop get on there. HUGE paranormal community and as a forum writer you might enjoy the exchanges. Julie's on there too as @above_the_norm and you can find me at @HauntJaunts. You'd make even more friends in no time!

    Happy anniversary again!

  3. Thank you so much Court! I have to really start trying to build up my blog more. When thing's so down (which it should soon). I'm dropping by you guys soon. It's great there are people that can help me out. Like Twitter. So, thank again!