Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Is Dealing With The Paranormal Dangerous?

There's a investigative group out in California that put a warning up on their website about the dangers in the paranormal. Now, they do seem to have a valid point there. We can't blame "everything" on the TV shows. But, people have to remember 1 out of 4 people have some psychological problem of some sort. So, when someone either calls a paranormal investigative group to go to a "so call" haunted location. Or, someone wanting to join. Both situations have to be looked at first with some apprehension. You need to know if the reason a person "thinks" a place is haunted in not in their own mind. That goes the same with someone wanting to join.
I believe paranormal investigators should have to take a college course: Psych 101. To have some understanding of the human mind. I have to give kudos to the group that took the time to place this warning. It also protects the group itself from any problems that may occur. Whether it's a homeowner that maybe on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Or, a new investigator that may have all their life have been seeing and hearing things instead of going to a doctor. And, joins to prove that their not crazy. It does make a person think twice doesn't it?

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