Thursday, August 6, 2009

Morris-Jumel Mansion, NYC

I think I have mentioned a couple of times before about why do these paranormal shows go to the same places? There are so many places and historic ones, that they can visit. I know that some places they are not allow to investigate. But, there are great ones that are just passed by.
Morris-Jumel have been investigated by the famous ghost hunter Hans Holzer. This is a beautiful house located in upper Manhattan. The most recent story that happened was an article in the New York Journal-American on Jan. 11, 1964, by Joan Hanauer which was brought to the public attention. This was on the news all over NY at the time. Youngsters on a field trip from P.S. 164, said a tall, gray-haired, elderly woman stepped out onto the balcony and told them to be quiet. The description fit Madam Jumel. The curator, Emma Bingay Campbell stated that the house was locked and empty at the time.
Madam Jumel who some thought murdered her husband in the house in 1832, then married Vice President Aaron Burr, the following year. This house was once used as Washington's Headquarters during the Battle of Long Island. Then it was used as Headquarters to General Sir Henry Clinton for 7 years. John Adams and Alexander Hamilton have dined there.
First known recorded haunting was from a German nurse in 1865 mostly footsteps. But, the ghost was seen by a guard around the same year. It was believed Stephen Jumel was pushed on top of a pitch fork on a hay wagon. He is believed to have bleed to death on a bed that once belong to Napoleon. Or, was he placed alive in a coffin and buried? His grave is at the old Catholic cemetery on Mott Street in lower Manhattan.


  1. This investigation took place at 7pm on Monday, October 19th, 2009 and went to 11pm.
    We were the first team invited to investigate the Morris-Jumel mansion since Hans Holzer was there.

    You can find a public disclosure of the case and our findings on our Facebook page at...

    Also look for us at our website...

    This investigation had media coverage thanks to the NY Post!

    John Galvin, President & Co-Founder
    The MI:ST Society,
    Metaphysical Investigations: Search & Test Society
    Leaders in Paranormal Consultation, Research, and Investigation.

  2. Thank you for this new information. Sorry, I have gotten back soon. Keep up the good work. Let me know of any other investigations you do. I'll gladly put them on my blog.