Monday, August 10, 2009

Urban Legends. Are All These Ghosts Stories True?

Being brought up in NYC I have heard my share of stories of Amityville. The story of the place being haunted have swirl around for years. Even to this day. But, personally I believe this to be the biggest case of an urban legend. The Lutz's bought the house to build a story on. They just knew this was going to be a huge money maker. Then bring in Hans Holzer and The Warren's into the picture. And, Voila, an urban legend becomes a true ghost story.
Lately, in the most recent paranormal shows. You see that obviously they are brought in to "prove" the place is haunted so cash can roll in. This makes me think of the investigation based on the Manson murders. The guy calls in Ghost Haunters to check out his place for any hauntings? As it turns out the guy really brought them in so he can start the ball rolling for movie made based on the "so call" haunting. The joke is the place is about a 100 yards from where the murders happened.
But, getting away from people trying to make money. How many are these stories are actually based on any truth? Maybe, someone relays a story to one person and the story gradually grows into a monster of a "real" haunting. Ft. Mifflin is another situation that can be seen as an urban legend. I could understand why they would have to go that route. The fort was slated to be closed for good. For a lack of funds. But, is it right to grab the public with stories? I personally don't know if it's a good thing to make a story up? Or, even enhance a story that you don't know has any truth to it.

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