Thursday, August 20, 2009

These Ghost Shows. Gee Whiz, Enough Already!

Well, Ghost Hunters is back again. And, up to their old tricks. In the pass I can take things with a grain of salt. But, this is just plain ridiculous. Don't these guys know we all are wise to all the tampering going on. Don't make fools of the public. It's insulting.
First place, they have to stop with the fake RR repairs. Come on, we know about product placement. Which is obviously in this case. Except this is using "people" placement instead.
Then the KII on top of the water heater box. Please, maybe it'll be said that the main box is off. REALLY! Maybe someone is standing there switching it on and off with the questions being asked of the spirit. Also, why was Jason leaning back as the questions were being asked. Hummm, I wonder? (Not really)
Now, about Steve, we got it, he has phobias. First it was funny, and some people got a chuckle here and there. But, that joke is as sour as old lemonade that was made for the Kentucky Derby.
What gets me, this is the start of the new season. Just the thought of the new season of Paranormal State makes me shutter with the thought of Chip with ping-pong ball on his eyes. Please, they have to cut it out with the weird gadgets.

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