Thursday, August 27, 2009

Palm Reading: Do The Lines Of A Hand Change?

Palm readings, like other fortune telling methods of always interested me. But, I have noticed through the years the lines have changed in my hands. I have read in the past that the lines in your hands never change since birth. So, you would think that a reading would be a one shot deal. But, my lines have changed? So, what does that mean?
Like for instance, my life line was short. I mean real short. Then as time went on it lengthen to now it would mean I would pass in my 80's. So, why have your palm read? I think, if there was such a thing. Reading finger tips would be more precise. They never change.
So, thinking why the change? It could be lifestyle changes, health, etc. Remember, we use are hands for everything so they can get roughed up with certain jobs that we might hold. Like a chefs, or carpenters, metalworkers always have cuts, scrapes, calluses, blisters. But, if you stop. Your hands soften. So, they change again.
So, to me palm reading is really not the best way to tell one's fortune. But, it's fun to learn. Great to do at a party that's not going so well. It breaks the ice.
To have it done professionally? Nah!

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