Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Personal Experiences? Feelings? Is That The Real Paranormal Experience?

The majority of people I know, and I have spoken to say that they were very young when they first dealt with something paranormal. Might be huge spans in between during their lives that "something" happens. But, they knew even at that tender age that it was something personal. So, some might talk about. Others, keep it to themselves until older. Others just get odd feelings right "off the bat" when entering a place. Basically, the paranormal shows opened up a new world to some people that just thought to keep all these experiences to themselves. In just plain fear of being seen as a little "nutty". They see these shows and say to themselves, "Wait a minute! I had those same experiences? So, I'm not crazy!".
But, there seems to be a little confusion lately about "what's really" and "what's not". I'm the first to say that I would question first if the sounds a person "hears" is not just the settling of the house. Or, just rodents. But, anything after that means it a true experience that "that" person is having is real. No, question about it. Do you need science behind the experience? No. Unless your the kind of person that like lying to themselves all the time. Which we all know someone like that sometime or another. But, the confusion people have is that they are too much questioning themselves. Don't.
The people I question are the ones that never had experiences until these shows came to light. They are the ones I worry about. They have huge imaginations. Either they are very skeptical (sure, they never had an experience, that's ok). Or, people that just want to "join the band wagon" of the paranormal craze. Believe me, people like myself know all these people will go back to into the woodwork. And, the real McCoy's will still be hanging around. Yes, your experiences and feelings are yours, and they are real. So, don't worry what others think.

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