Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Thinking About Buying A House? Don't Forget To Ask Questions?

If your thinking about buying a new home don't be afraid to ask questions. Even the most embarrassing questions, "Is there anything I need to know about the place? Like, did anything happened here? Stories?" Now, I'm not going to tell you their not going to look at you like your a screw ball. Oh, they will! If your in love with the home. By all means, buy it. But, cleanse your home before moving in. Before I get into all that. Did you know a real estate agent does not have to disclose information about the home (like hauntings, murders, etc) unless you ask? I believe there are a few states that say legally they have to tell you. But, at the most part their mouths are zipped.
I lived in an rental apartment building in NYC. While living there two thing happened. First, a mid-aged woman on the fifth floor was an alcoholic. She was found a couple of times sitting on her window sill of her apartment. Until one day she jumped. Right in front of the entrance of the building. The second, two Manhattan cooks that shared a studio apartment were found murdered about three days later. The point of the story is the building became a co-op. The people that purchased the apartments were not told about what happened in their apartments. Until the neighbors told them. One tried to sue. But, it didn't go far. They used the line, "You didn't ask?" So, they sold the apartment not long after that. The apartment was constantly on the market. As for cleansing a house. I'm talking about smudging, holy water, salt. And, maybe call in a priest to bless the home before moving in. Maybe this will calm the souls that maybe haunting your home to rest.

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