Monday, November 15, 2010

Apple Computers, Did They Have A Pact With The Devil?

OK, sounds very dramatic, doesn't it? But I saw recently a very interesting little article. It really caught my attention.
So here it goes: Christies of London famous auction house is auctioning the first Apple Computer that were sold back in 1976. This is when they were just a fledgling company running from Steve Jobs parents house. Back then it was called Apple 1. The "computer" is being auctioned at $161,600. But here's the kicker!
Back in 1976 the "original" price as for the Apple 1 was, ready for this: Exactly $666.66. Unbelievable isn't it! So was this a future pact with devil? Some of you guys are probably wondering the same thing I thought. What an "odd" price? Did they really pick this price at random? Anyway a year later in 1977 they dropped the price to $475.00.
Let me know what you guys think?


  1. Interesting, I wonder what the idea behind the price amount was? Who knows what they were thinking at the time. I tend to stay away from the triple sixes.

  2. Lol! Wrote the post because of a recent GA show. It showed Zac was getting on his EMF reader 666. And how freaked out he was getting.

  3. I'm only mildly superstitious (but not religious), but 666 does freak me out! I know why but that's another story! Haha!

    That said, when the Apple 1 was first released, they couldn't decide on a price for it, although it was preliminarily set for $500. Steve Wozniak (unaware at its "alternative symbolism") added a third to get $667. He then decided that it might be better having all the same number, so set it at $666.66! Perhaps he needed more than market research to pull that one off!! >>

  4. The price is still rather odd? Why not $666.00 (which would make more sense). Or the "classic" $599.00 (to make the consumer believe they are getting a bargain). These two guys were very close to the "hippie" era and all the college raticals of the time. I would believe they knew.