Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Do You Believe That Cemeteries Are Being Used For "Entertainment"?

I just saw the movie "It's Complicated!".  In the movie there is a part where this couple go yearly for their wedding anniversary to a graveyard (this is in LA).  To see an outdoor movie with folding chairs and all.. On top of graves no less! There are plenty of cemetery tours all over the country. If not, the world! But isn't this called the person's "final resting place"?
Here in the Philly area is there's a place called Laurel Hill Cemetery. There are all sorts of macabre tours and stuff going on in there. You want to have a party or a wedding, in a cemetery? Come on! Really! I love when there's a street festival in Philly. Their they are (the people from LHC) with brochures and other items on their table display. It seems so unreal to me. Remember the people who are buried there paid a pretty penny to have their eternal peace. It's just too creepy for me!

Outdoor Movies With The Dead

Laurel Hill Cemetery

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