Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Haunted Gift Shop! Again! Oh, My!

Now, now, I'm not being serious. This is just a little running joke among many fans of paranormal shows for many years now.
Last night on Ghost Hunters they were at Fort William Henry. They were doing the usual tour before investigating. I was just thinking to myself, "I hope they don't have a "haunted" gift shop!". And there it came! The tour guide said here's the gift shop! But to make me laugh even more was he said: But we call it a "Sutler Shop". I almost fell of my chair. Do they know this joke about the gift shops and the paranormal? Just kidding!
By the way. This gift shop was huge. The claims are that people can hear footsteps all over on top of the Gift Shop. Oh I mean Sutler Shop. If you notice, it's a drop ceiling which for me seems to be a problem to really to get an idea what the real source of the sound is.
I'm just going to throw this one out to you guys! Why is it that the gift shops "always" seem to be haunted?  What was the location originally before it was turned into one? Just wondering.
Oh? And a warning to all you paranormal investigators out there. When Jason and Grant were checking out the inside of the cannons to see if there are any critters housing in them. The found that each and every one had a bees nest in them. Just to give a head's up on that.

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