Friday, November 12, 2010

Obscura, A Little Shop Of "Oddities" On The Discovery Channel

Being I was born and raised in NYC. To see a show like this is very refreshing! It shows totally the "other" side of NYC that I know and love. The strange and weird little tiny shops that dot the city. That people outside don't know about. The "one of a kind".  And it's a shame.(There's a shop near 59th Street that just sells "buttons". From real museum quality to the strange)
Now you may ask, "What does this have to do with the paranormal?". First of all, many of you know that there is a belief that a spirit may follow an "object". If this is true. Then this shop must be big-time haunted!  For example. In last night's show there was a woman that requested to purchase an antique morticians table. They went to her home to bring it over for her. Her house was filled with bizarre equipment and other items. Another thing I found funny, the owner himself doesn't like to go down to his own basement at the shop. I wonder why? *wink* At one point in the show. The owners of the shop were thinking of buying an antique coffin. Interesting isn't it.
For me I really enjoyed the show. It made me laugh and gave me back good memories. In a funny sort of way.
Check out the videos. See it for yourself: