Thursday, November 18, 2010

GL News: The Housewives of Atlanta Will Be On Ghost Hunters Dec. 1st

I'm a fan (use to-not this coming season) of The Housewives of New York City. I do however watch some of the Atlanta Housewives shows. This one will take the cake. It will be a riot for sure. These women and the TAPS guys? It's a little like water and vinegar. This pass week Meatloaf join GH, again, at Sloss Furnace! And I don't think it's the last time either.
I'm trying to understand why all the "guests" to their show? And why these particular people? I think there are more interesting people, out there, to bring on the show. Don't you think?  Who's next?  It would be different if they bought in an actual fan in to join them.
Is this for ratings? Could be? But that would look a little like a "red flag" to me.
Or maybe their just plain bored! I could see that. Last night they really looked "real" tired during their investigating.

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