Friday, November 5, 2010

GL TV Review: Fact or Faked Paranormal Files "Symphonic Spirits"

This was a case about a viral Youtube that has been going around about the Valentown Museum "Ghost". The place was built in 1879. As far as anybody knows only one death had occurred there in what use to be a ball room. The usual jealous boyfriend that shot another man. But the people who run the place believe it's the antiques that are all over the museum that is the cause. Some from the Civil War. Very creepy looking place! A lot of paranormal investigators believe this place to be very haunted. That being said, the security camera picked up an image of a full-body apparition during a paranormal group's investigation. When looking at the footage, for me, it looks too digitized. To the point of ridiculous. It looks as if someone "smudged" the film tape with a pencil eraser. You know, there was someone "really" there at the time. Then later the image got played around with. As for the Fact or Fake crew.  I know they went the whole nine yards to come up with ideas to what it can be? Gee, they never said once, "I think this tape was tampered with!".  As for the music they heard? I can't say for sure what that was. I'll leave it at that.


  1. They needed to use the same old equipment that was used in the original video. Their comparison equipment was too sharp. Also if possible, they should have examined the original footage. As for the piano playing, I have no explaination for that.

  2. I agree, that's very true! It would have made a mountain of a big difference.

  3. I must admit I'm a little skeptical of this one because it is sharpened too much with the comparison equipment. It makes it much harder to determine anything for certain. The figure seems just a little too solid to me as well, movement is fluid, and the "ghost" seems to look at her then look at the camera. I appears too staged for actuality - even with the enhancements. (Maybe I'm just over-critical today, but that's what I feel/see.)

  4. Nah! Your not over critical. It is what it is! This is something I would have thrown out into the "round file" if you get my drift.