Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cell Phones And The Paranormal!

Phil Hayes, investigator from Paranormal Research UK recently told The Sun Newpaper that a third of hauntings now are done through mobile phones.
A 43% increase of this phenomenon in the last four years. Usually a person will see on their ID caller "withheld number" or "0000000000" (Personally, I have seen this on my own phone. And it wasn't paranormal).
Statistics is showing that most hauntings are "sound". While only 20% is actual "sightings" and 15% is "smell".
Tesco Mobile UK did a study that showed a 70% upsurge of paranormal evidence using mobile phones. They recommended that you should put your phone on the highest quality resolution setting and use the recorder.
The only thing I'm wondering?  What's the best cell phone on the market to use for this purpose? I think some research has to been done in this area. 
There's some Youtube's out there showing EVP's that some people have been picking up with the cell phones
(Some are not the best quality. But you guys should check it out just the same).


  1. I always knew my cell phone was some form of pure evil.

  2. :-)! Yeah, I agree with you on that one! Lol! Always ringing at the wrong times.

  3. ALL cellphones are evil! It took me about 8 years to get one, yet everyone else I knew already had one! Haha!

    There is a lot of sensationalist hype surrounding "haunted cellphone" phenomenon. Weird things certainly happen with them - the wife and I have experienced some VERY strange things with ours. Including someone calling and there was no caller ID displayed (not even "Number Witheld") and the call could not be traced and (the wife) talking to a friend who appeared to be coming from a very far distance, lines staticky, shortly after that friend had passed away! Again, no traceable number!

    You can generally use any 1.0+ MP cellphone, but it's not really down to statistics, only luck, as being in the right place at the right time counts. Some of the more modern cellphones can pick up a lot of different frequencies so you sometimes have to be watchful when you believe you've caught something on cam or voice.

  4. Everything now in the paranormal field is based on electronics. So for me this is just one more piece of equipment. So for people dealing with all the "electronic equipment". Only engineers can really know what is causing this particular phenomenon.

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  6. Or, indeed, "sensitives" but I doubt there will be irrefutable proof with or without all this needless gadgetry. We do rely too much on technology. Conversely, perhaps the spirits are also capitulating on that same technology! LOL

  7. Amen! Lol, I remembered how Hans Holzer (the original ghost hunter) would handle an investigation. A simple recorder, one cameraman, a medium and himself.