Tuesday, November 23, 2010

George Washington Hotel, PA. A New Reason For The "Do Not Disturb" Sign.

There was a fire in the Laundry Room at the George Washington Hotel recently. The Fire Dept. and the Police Chief J.R. Blyth was called in. The hotel was evacuated. During the was Room 405 that surprised them. The Police Chief stated "...this discovery was the most grisly murder scene he had seen during his 35 years..." during his interview with Pittsburgh WTAE. It was so bad that he had to call in for detectives to the crime scene.
It's seems they saw blood everywhere, a scalp, and worse.
It turned out that a movie was filmed there called "New Terminal Hotel"(straight to DVD). The owner decided to "keep it" in the same condition that it was in during the filming. The owner said the room stayed that way due to the fact that the hotel is known to be "haunted" (I personally never heard of it).  He calls it his "Scare Room" for his Scare Tours that take place at the hotel.
The bottom line: The Police Chief was not amused.

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