Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Discussions On GH Live Halloween And Other Paranormal Shows From This Past Week

It's been a weird past week. So let's start first with GH Live Halloween: Let's say it was very low key and that's fine. But the commercials and the guests, just too many.  It was plain annoying. I personally like that they got rid of the background music. It seems a lot of people were disappointed that they didn't find anything. I rather have that then having something "fake" added on for good measure. Maybe they should have had a live audience there. They can come back from time to time from investigating to take real-time questions from them. It would have made it more interesting.

Paranormal State: Well they went where now one tread before. Katrina was on a bed with her "black lace bra" on. For all the world to see.  This was too lure a spirit to join her. I thought that was a bit much. What's next? *shutter*

GA: Love them. But something this pass Friday made me start to think? When Aaron heard the piano tinkle. And they showed us that the piano doesn't work at all. I paused for a moment...what if they have discussions how they would "talk" or "act" on camera ahead of time. Then later edited in the missing "sound" or "object" in? Hate to think this way. But we do live in the time of photoshop and other editing gadgets.

Ghost Lab: This theory that I have with GA holds for them too. For instance, there was a hallway that they were looking down for a little girl. As they pan the camera we see a lot of objects down that end...and then we see a flash of a little girl. It didn't look right to me. And is it me that they always finding things? All the time? I don't think their equipment is any different then what's out there already. They all buy it from the same vendors.

Remember, this is all my own opinion.  Just wonder if there are others out there that thinking the same thing?

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