Friday, October 8, 2010

Are Paranormal Investigators Scientists? Are Some Shop Owners Shops Really Haunted?

Your probably wondering. Why are these two questions put together for the same post?  It all had to do with a ghost story that I was trying to piece together.First of all I like to write about hauntings that is not very well known. To bring in fresh air into the paranormal. It seems we always hear about the same places over and over.
I'm not going into who I am talking about (not yet). There is a well known paranormal group that have been around "longer" then the other usual ones you hear about (you know, on TV).  That being said. They are very scientific about all their findings. A matter of fact. You never read about the "story" of any of the so call hauntings on their website. You know, the history of the hauntings. They basically just write about the "data".  Are they "true" scientist? No, not at all (particularly after you read their bios). And that's what causes a big problem to all their data they obtain.
Now to the shop owners. Are some shops calling paranormal investigators to come in a check out to see if their place is haunted? Yes, more now then ever before due to the economy. If it brings money in, sure come on down! As for my "story" that I wanted to write about? I called up this particular shop to find out "the story" behind the so call hauntings she wrote about on her website.  To my surprise...she had none!  She said it's based on what the investigators told her (about her shop being haunted). Not from her own experience which again...was none. Huh? Why did this very well known group go in to do an investigation in the first place? Very interesting!
Who contacted who? Is what I'm wondering about? Did the paranormal group called her because of the age of her shop and the kind of merchandise she handles could "cause" a haunting? So hey, let's call her if she would let us come in with all our equipment to see if her shop is "haunted".  I personal think this is so wrong in more was then one.
I personally believe that a person or client should call the investigators first. And that there should be a series of stories (experiences) connected to the house or building before you start an investigation.  All this data that this group obtained. For me at least for this case. I deem unusable information.


  1. Exactly! This is a popculture/religion for several reasons. 1--Steve has addressed the irrelevence of heaven and hell as he has no evidence of either, yet Grant relates 'spirits' they encounter to the Holy Spirit of Christianity; and Jason discounts relevence of religion in general. There is no proof that what they record are dead people. Based on their motif, these shadows could be aliens, time-travelers, inter-dimensional entities, Satan, demons or whatever. They have broadened their tolerances of a haunt as their fame increased...Max Weber predicted such in value-rational organizations in the 19th century. I am convinced they are opening dangerous doors and their 80 percent non-paranormal rule is no-longer applicable. Could it be museums and businesses in need of publicity are making a deal w/the devil and TAPS has become his 'electronic medium'? That is an empirical question...which cant be addressed with extant methodolgies.

  2. This is a very interesting take into what really makes these "people" tick (making them believe or do as they do). To be honest, "money" is the common denominator.
    Do you have a website? I would be interested to check it out.

  3. I agree. The televised investigators are NOT scientists or even parapsychology students. They have a vested interest in the paranormal for whatever reasons, but know very little about its deeper aspects. These shows are generated purely for "entertainment" and making money (the networks as well as the individuals). They might use complex gagetry for their investigations, but that is only half of it. Parapsychology is meant to be a serious study into psychic and paranormal phenomena, allowing for a greater understanding of why these things take place. IF they don't have a thorough understanding of what's going on, only the bits and pieces they do find, they can - and sadly often do - influence the results by opinion.

    When I used to investigate (actively, that is!) one of the things I found is that you CANNOT bring religious or personal beliefs into it because it WILL influence the outcome. The mind is an extremely powerful tool, so if you go in there guns blazing expecting to see something (based on what you already know of the place, etc.) then the probability is higher that you WILL see something.

    TAPS, GH, GHI and PS have all become victims of their own success, and in my opinion, there isn't really any credible (scientific) evidence to support any of their investigations because the show itself (not the investigators) have fallen prey to that Hollywood-esque, entertainment-value exclusivity dominant throughout the shows. And what you are ultimately left with is capitalising on something that people want to believe in, but perhaps are too influenced by them (the networks) passing it off as fact.

  4. Wulf, I love your comments. It's very refreshing.

    This past GH Halloween Special. As well as the other paranormal shows. Are falling "flat". They built up this "business" to the point of no return. You can fool the public some of the time. But, not all of the time. It's all catching up to them. And it's a shame. I love the paranormal.
    I believe the paranormal has to go in another direction. Before it totally derails.