Thursday, October 28, 2010

Should Haunted Places Be Used For "Haunted House" Businesses?

I know what your thinking, "Of course! Where else will you do it in?". I have a question? How many of you guys remember in the '70s the first Haunted Houses that were made for people to visit all year long?  Not the old fashioned amusement park ones. But the first-ever actors in costumes, rooms built for the propose to scare. The first one I went to, believe it or not. Was in an actual house that was on the real estate market awhile. It was made temporarily as a haunted house. The second one that I went to was in Long Branch, NJ. It was huge. Long lines that no one mind to stand on for hours. People all of NYC traveled into Jersey to see it.  It was a big moneymaker for years. Until: People had the bright idea of doing these "attactions" in real haunted locations. It seems to me a little of a contradiction. When people investigate they are told to go by certain rules. One being to respect the dead. Talk to them clearly. Do what you have to do. And then get out. These "shows" are a shear riot of noise, laughter, lights, people yelling. It's disrespectful.
For me I think a building built or reused (not a haunted location) for this sole purpose is fine. To make it year round would be something of a treat for family and friends to enjoy.

History of the Haunted Mansion

Sorry, but I'll be back on Monday (hopefully), My computer is in the shop. So have a Happy and Safe Holloween!

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  1. I would say that it's more disrespectful to place a Hollywood-esque twist to these kinds of attractions. There have been too many of these kinds of attractions that have become victims of their own successes or have become embellished to the point of tackiness and falsity. In my opinion there must be a clear distinction between normal and paranormal, no additional bells and whistles, just "this is a haunted location" and keep it simple but effective.