Friday, October 22, 2010

The Famous Chesea Hotel NYC Is Up For Sale

This is the "other" famous hotel of NYC (first being The Plaza). More notorious. Sid and Nancy lived there. As well as many artsy people. From music, artists, models, actors, writers, photographers and so on. And most definitely "haunted". It was built in 1883
I can't even begin to write to stories about his huge red brick wroth iron hotel,  But I am going to recommend you to read the blog called It's fascinating. So many ghost stories. I'm just surprised why investigators haven't checked this one out yet. But then in the other hand. It's a very lively place. For so many spirits.

A "must read".

Article about the sale.

About the hauntings.


  1. Oooh, yeah, heard about this place. A friend told me that the reason investigators don't visit is because (according to him) the owners haven't allowed investigations. Of the ones that have been able to they haven't stayed long enough to log anything - that should tell you everything you need to know!! LOL

  2. Maybe now with the "sale" that'll change. *wink* lol!

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