Monday, October 25, 2010

Breaking News From The "Ghost Hunters" Front

Lately things have been going faster then I can keep up with. As many of you know. I don't write on weekends. But, this pass weekend there was so much information with the Ghost Hunters franchise that came up.
First, I found out the Dustin Pari is going to be on a new show called "Paranormal Highway". I don't have any information about it. It was heard about during a recent convention.

Second, Brandy Green left? Or was fired from GHI. The why and when? I have no clue. But it did happen. As to do with Robb? I don't think he's coming back either? That was heard through the grapevine

Third, Britt Griffith was fired by Syfy. That was based on a recent radio broadcast. That he was quoted saying, "let's say" politically wrong phases.  The paranormal community is at odds with one another on this (many of them we know).  I believe he was just working on, recently, the new GHI shows to come.

And the most funny news. Jason and Grant (but for a good cause) are going to be on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" Oct. 29th.

If you guys heard anything else? Let me know.


  1. Thanks for the updates. I wonder who will lead the GHI team if Robb does not return.

  2. Joe Chin I guess lol! My computer is acting up today So I might not be able to put anything up

  3. Another BREAKING NEWS:
    This is only rumor right now. The next that may be leaving GH is Kris Williams. It's said that she doesn't want to renew her contract or she's next to be fired. Who knows?

  4. Ah, things that go "bump" in the night influences what goes "out" in the day!

  5. BREAKING NEWS: Yup, it was only a rumor about Kris Williams. She join GHI.

  6. The term "Paranormal Highway" is my intellectual/artistic property and has been for some time now.. Don't think that will work..
    Check out my site