Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Paranormal State Spin-Off On A&E, "Paranormal State:The New Class"

A new pilot show is set to be shown on November 21st at 8:30/9:30 CST.  The cast members are from Hoosier State Paranormal. It was filmed with the cast members from Paranormal State in South Carolina.

What makes this story interesting is that they were contacted by email from A&E. And the group's website was only up for 3 months at the time? Gee, they were lucky!


  1. Hey Everyone,
    My name is John and I'm just stopping by because I saw the post and I thought I might be able to give you a little background info that you might not get from the newspaper interview. The group, as a paranormal team, were only around for a short time which, I believe, made the prospect for A&E exciting. A new team to watch as they grow and learn. Three of the team are family and all of them work in emergency medical services. I am involved in the show as their mentor and to add some experience to the team. They are a great bunch of kids,really kind and caring investigators with heavy doses of skepticism. I hope you watch on November 21st and enjoy what we are bringing to the community.

  2. Thank you John for giving my readers more information on the show. I wish you guys "Good Luck" on your new venture. As for you John. It's good for younger people in this field to have someone there to help them lead the way. Until they can hold their own. Again Good Luck on your show's premier.
    And John, your welcome here anytime! Thanks again!

  3. Hi Catnipthyme,

    I am Alton M. Hill, Sr., but better known as just Al Hill. I am an author, publisher, genealogist and historian from North Carolina, and also appear as an Historian in this new premier showing of Paranormal State: "The New Class", first episode airing on the A&E TV Network, Sunday, November 21, 2010.

    I certainly agree with John, with whom I appeared with in this showing, the young cast, from the Hoosier State Paranormal Group, are graduate students and some family connected who are eager to learn and experience all the things in life most never think about, let alone are able to do, in their lives, with many thanks to their mentor, John. And as paranormal investigators, they are very professional and inquisitive, but most of they are solidly good young men and women, who have dedicated their lives to helping others.

    This new pilot show was actually shot in North Carolina, not South Carolina, in Stokes County, North Carolina, near where I live.

    Like so many others I can hardly wait to see the final result of all out work.

    And, I also want to say just how proud I am of you for creating and featuring us on this GREAT web site!

    Al Hill

  4. Nothing like capitalising on a good idea! I mean that in a positive way because it's refreshing to see the younger generations becoming involved in paranormal investigations! I might just start watching the shows again!!

  5. I "try" all the new shows that come out. I do have to admit that "Psychic Kids", "Ghost Stories", and "The Haunted". Is just not "my cup of tea". And I like Chip that's the shame about it.