Tuesday, October 27, 2009

2nd TV Review: Extreme Paranormal. Oh, Boy!

What can I say? I'm glad it's over. I hope for good. First of all let me play Devil's Advocate for a second. Many of these shows that are out they use a lot of "editing". Which leaves us where? We don't really know if what we are watching is the real deal. For instance, they were at the bayou cemetary performing the voodoo ritual and burial. Now, I know they showed us the cemetery with the wooden crosses. But, how do we know if after that shot they filmed. They moved up or down stream to another location. Do we really know? Because that what they did (burial) would have been a desecration of the dead. Even for an Occultist that would have been a bit much. And, who's filming? Again, we never see how many people are really out there with them. Could be as many as 20 people. Such as the hand print they found on the tree. Which was reading "cold" on the thermal. How do we know if it wasn't them earlier that caused it? Only "they" know.
Now, my take on all these shows. I'm personally getting tried of watching them. Love the paranormal. But, not crazy about these shows. Something, somewhere has to give. Even Most Haunted on the recent Live (which is now on Youtube) people on their forums are complaining. But, what are we all complaining about? I think I know. We all beginning to realize we are all being taken for a ride. Hard to swallow, huh? I know I feel the same way. By next year don't be surprised all of a sudden there all gone.

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