Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ghost Hunters Academy. Coming Soon!

Ghost Hunters Academy with Steve and Tango is the "new" show of the Ghost Hunters franchise. The premier of the show is Nov. 11th at 10:00PM (EST).
Fort Mifflin is their first show of the series.
So the bases of the show is that they will be teaching five new investigators "the art and science of paranormal investigating Ghost Hunters style".
It seems that Syfy ordered only six episodes. Which for me is a little odd number. Don't you think? What's not clear yet is if the "same" students follow them all over the country? Or, they change for new ones in each town the go? Not much info on this yet? I think they just want to see how this one will rate first before expanding the show.
So, here the premier trailer of the show.

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