Monday, October 19, 2009

Ghost Hunter's Live Halloween at the Essex County Hospital

Ok, I thought, like a lot of people out there were thinking. They'll be "NO" live this year. But, surprise,surprise! Here's the info peeps,
Now, I don't know because people have been asking for a while now, "Where the Halloween Special?" So, from thin air, 'poof'. We have one. But, something is a little unclear? Will Jason and Grant be there? Will even Steve and Tango? We do have "Lovable" Josh Gates from Destination Truth Hosting. And, Ghost Hunter Academy Recruits. So, this will be all taking place at the Essex County Hospital, NJ. They have already went there before for one of their shows last season. On Oct. 31st at 7/6C is when the Live will take place.
Personally, I think they were waiting to see what day's the other shows were running their "Lives". I would have done the same.

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