Sunday, October 18, 2009

A&E Extreme Paranormal, 2 Day Special Event

Normally I don't write on the weekends. But, this show starts tomorrow on A&E. Three Paranormal Explorers will subject themselves to one-on-one with the spirits of these haunted locations. Now, I know what your thinking? This sound too much like Ghost Adventures. Yup! your right! But, I'm going to watch anyhow. They run a radio show every Sunday at midnight called "Ghostman and Demon Hunter". That's all I know, for now.
Episode 1: Oct. 19th, New Mexico Penitentiary 1980 prison riot. Episode 2: Oct. 26th, Pennhurst Insane Asylum, Easter Pennsylvania. Also, they will go down to New Orleans to a haunted swamp that used to be a town. But, was lost during the 1915 Hurricane.
These shows are getting to be a little redundant. Don't you think?

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