Friday, October 23, 2009

Mutter Museum. What A Creepy Place!

Due to the fact that Halloween falls on a Saturday this year. It's worth for some of you guys (that are close) to come to Philly. Not just to visit Eastern State Penn. But, for the Mutter Museum. This is the most bizarre and intense place you can go to. The oddness and creepiness is more then a 100 haunted houses put together. You have to remember, these were once human beings. There just not buried in a cemetery. Do I believe some "spirits" follow their bones to their final resting place? You better believe it! I felt sick and dizzy in the place. Almost to the point of passing out. The strange thing about the place is: Why is this open to the public? I understand med students. But, why us? Even the curator of late passed away. I wouldn't be surprised she haunting the place. So, come on down. And, bring your KII meter, take some EVP's, and your digital camera. I'll bet you'll find something.

Please check their website. Tons of info.

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