Monday, October 12, 2009

Celebrity Ghost Stories, Bio Channel. What Was That?

Please, I watch almost every paranormal show out there. But, this one take the cake. I think what did it in for me they were interviewing the guy from Heros? Thank you lord I forgot his name. But, the story sound so fabricated it was unbearable to listen to. Now, if you want to see it for a comedy. Then this is the show for you. You will laugh your head off. Or, you'll just shut the TV off or change the channel. It's obvious these are people doing this for extra money or to get jobs. One was on Dancing With The Stars and did this show too. Should I say more? And, what kills me (please I'm laughing now) they had actors reenacting their stories. Think of that. These reactors get paid for this also. Enough said.
So, I'll give you a SNL clip of the show. It'll give you a clue to how bad the show is.

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