Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What's New With Most Haunted

Well, the gang seems to be up and running again. Right now they are getting ready for their Halloween Live. Which is called Most Haunted Live: Eight Faces of Evil. Starts Oct. 24th for 8 nights from 8PM-Midnight. We here in the states can watch it on Youtube a day behind or more. I love their Lives they have a live audience present. Their going to use new equipment, and experiments. Here's a taste of what the show will be about, "There is a dark criminal undertone to event this year involving gruesome murders, hordes of brutal hangings and twisted torture. The team will visit seven vigil locations all of which tell a bizarre grim tale, one of a wife murdered and chopped to pieces another of a woman locked in a tower and left to rot and we follow the final journey of witches on their sorry trek to the gallows." Sounds juicy, doesn't it.
As for the Series 13 shows started Oct. 13th (again, watch it on Youtube). I don't know what the Travel Channel is doing? It's seems they are not coming back to the states for their own series show. But, the Travel Channel seems to preoccupied by Ghost Adventures (that's ok). Maybe, they'll have a MH live in the near future. But, you have to remember, it cost money to run these lives. Maybe they take turns? Will see.

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