Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What Is It With All The Newfangled Paranormal Equipment?

The only thing the Ghost Hunters done that was "different" was trying to be scientific. That was their catch. It's true, at the time, nobody was really going that direction in paranormal investigations. But, now! Everybody and their Momma is on the band wagon. Which brings me to this. They really don't know how the equipment "really" works. And, almost a good portion of it is mainly "prototypes". I have a little of an inside track on this (not the paranormal equipment). So, I do have an understanding that some of this equipment is really useless. Nobody really knows what a "ghost" is made of. It's all speculative. Now, if "ghosts" are of another dimension? Then all this equipment is as good as nothing. So, I think? The closest thing is a portal. But, getting back to the point. The equipment they are using is for electrical use. In a lab study they would use some sort of a "clean room". Meaning, nothing else can penetrate or contaminate the atmosphere. Believe it not. A clean room can be put up anywhere. Even in the middle of a living room for example. Or, even outside. That can be done. If they do this. Then they are cooking with gas. But, you need the right professional personnel to run this. And, that would never happen. It's a huge expense.

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