Tuesday, October 20, 2009

TV Review: Extreme Paranormal

Had to get this out of my system. But, this show was bad. I mean. It just went too far.
The only thing different then GA or GH. Is that they have an Occultist. Who really was performing black magic which is a huge no-no. They went into the prison not just provoking. But, really disturbing the peace. Instead of maybe helping "them" to move on. They wanted to send them to Hell. The came in doing bloodletting, fire, Jacob's Ladder, and a band saw. It was over kill. This is not for children to watch folks!
The second place they went to visit was Bonito Lake, NM. I never heard of this story before. About a town that is under the water. In 1885 a stranger came to town and killed 7 people. Then someone shot him. The valley was flooded where the town once sat. People in the area say you can hear people talking. And, local residence will not swim in the lake. They have a fear of being pulled under. Now, the reason I'm telling you this part of the show was they claim they are the first people ever to do underwater paranormal investigation. If you look at my past posts you'll see there is a paranormal group in Florida that do underwater investigations. Thank you Lord there is only one more show to go. Yeah, they'll get noticed. But, not in a good way.

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  1. I agree this show is completely ridiculous. And stupid. And cruel. And I can't wait for them to go away. If I were any of these guys, I'd go around hiding my face for a long time. That and fear that when I die all the souls I taunted will come after me. Just saying...