Thursday, October 29, 2009

Himuro Mansion, Japan

There's a popular video game called "Fatal Frame". But, did you know that the game is based on a actual place on the outskirts of Tokyo called Himuro Mansion (or Himikyru Mansion).
Now, I love Japanese and Korean ghost films. And, anyone that loved The Ring or The Grudge are probably wondering, "Is there actual places like the story?". Well, this one has one problem off the bat. We don't know if this is just an Urban Legend. But, it's an interesting story just the same.
It's believed that Bad Karma would emerge at the end of the year from a portal that is located on the mansion grounds. And, because of this they must perform the Shinto Ritual or "The Strangling Ritual". Now, I don't want to get gory here so I'll break it down. It seems they need a young maiden. That is sheltered from the world until she is needed for the ritual. Which is the bottom line tied up and dragged until her death. And, the bloody rope is place in front of the mansion to stop the Bad Karma coming in. Where the Urban Legend comes in. It's believe one year a maiden fell in love. And, the Landowner killed his family to avoid the Bad Karma. This is believed to have happened about 80 years ago.
As for ghost hauntings? People say they see the family dressed in white preparing for the ritual. Bloody hand prints on the walls. People visiting will have rope burns on the wrists. And, if you take a photograph, during the day. You will see a young ghost girl in the photo.

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