Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Can Ghost "Amplify" Sound?

I'm still reading, slowly, "Brandywine Valley Ghosts" by Laurie Hull that I will soon write a post on. In a previous post I wrote about the book, "Night Stalks The Mansion" by Harold Cameron and Constance Westbie.
I've just got to the part in Ms. Hull's book that she talks about The Heilbron Mansion in Media, PA (the Mansion in Mr. Cameron's book). In chapter 16 in her book she mentions that she investigated the Mansion (this is before it burnt down) when she was a young teen. She said that at one point she thought she heard a huge sound as if a whole bunch of "cans" fell down. Upon investigating each room. All she found was "one" empty can of soda? So, in her book she is questioning the idea of ghost being able to "amplify" sound? It's true that in Ms. Hull's book she states her thoughts on a particular paragraph from Mr. Cameron's book, "The entire house was awakened by what sounded like the heater exploding. Upon investigation, all they found was a book on the floor of the library, which had fallen from the hands of the dozing guest." From reading the book myself I understand what Ms. Hull was trying to point out. The ghost was trying to create contact to the point of "amplifying" the smallest sound. This is because the owners of the Mansion were upstairs at the time. The spirit wanted them to know that he/she didn't want the guest in the library.
My question on this theory is "how"? With what means? I would love to understand how this is possible. And, maybe by studying this idea can a door open for us on this side of the spectrum.
Personally, I never though that dealing with the paranormal is as easy as we think it is. I don't even think were even close to understanding the great "beyond".

This is a group trying to understand sound

Lauie Hull-Books

Harold Cameron-Books

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