Friday, June 4, 2010

Is Anyone Else Missing "Most Haunted"?

"It's sad for us in the US not to be able to turn on the "telly" to watch Most Haunted like they do in the UK. And, their several other spin-off's. Like their "Live" shows. I wonder why no one talks about it, or for that matter, complain. It's so late on the Travel Channel. The Travel Channel, still doesn't have them listed on the main page. I really like them. I remembered they were talking about coming back to the US to do more specials. It never materialized. I've read somewhere that MH asked Derek Acorah to come back. Don't quote me on that. It's something I've read in passing. It would be a hoot.
And lately on Youtube you can't get their shows anymore. Or it's just difficult to find.
So, where does that leave us state side? We have to buy the DVD's I guess. What happened? That their not talked about like they once were. Nobody seems to care? It would be nice if they have a surprise for us up their sleeves. We better not hold our breaths.

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