Thursday, June 3, 2010

GL TV Review: Ghost Hunters Academy On Syfy

This second season I'm very much impressed. It's more well organized. They picked better recruiters. The timing is better. Jason of GH now is involved as the leader. He talks to the cadets in the beginning and in end of the show. And, does the final decision on who's to leave. It flows more smoothly. It doesn't have that "silly" feel to it as did the first one. Even the music is better quality. Steve and Tango grew up. They come across more like teachers. And, Tango is stepping up to bat. I'll most definitely watch this show. It's more interesting for the audience. For now.
Hope I'm not disappointed in the future episodes of the show.
If I have one complaint. It would be they do need a more larger variety of age groups to try out to become a cadet. I believe investigating is ageless. So, they do need to work on that.
Keep up the good work guys!


  1. Nice review.....I missed it. I totally agree about choosing persons of different ages to be cadets, we enjoy ghost hunting too.

  2. I hope they don't visit every single place they've (GH) been to before. I would like them to take the cadets somewhere totally different.