Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Richard Hawkins, Artist. "Haunted Houses"

Richard Hawkins is a Los Angeles based artist. He has worked on a series of dollhouses. In which he would convert them into Haunted Houses.
His collection is now on tour in the Los Angeles area. The main exhibit features "The Last House" made in 2010. It looks like a mixture between Japanese, Edger Allen Poe, and the Adams Family. It's all dark and inked out to look old. You can see a bricked-out window. An escape ladder, bloody ripped curtains, and a sign covering an window opening. You can see particular words like, "never", "impossible" (maybe it's a hint).
He also does a series of paper and collages called Edogawa 1, 2, and so on. The scene is of the interior of a haunted house with cut-out portrait photograph pictures. Edogawa Ranpo means Edgar Allen Poe in Japanese.

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