Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Does Revisiting The Same Haunted Location Over And Over, Scare Spirits Away?

Yesterday's radio show "Ghost Chronicles International" touched on this topic from a question from a listener on June 23rd.
So, do ghosts pack up and leave? They stated there was a place that is very well known (they didn't want to mention the name) that for about 6 months there has not been any "haunted" activity whatsoever. This is a place that was a field day to any investigator for evp's, sightings, etc. So, what happened?
No one knows? Or, understands? But, remember, they were real people too at one time. Maybe at first they wanted to communicate. Perhaps to contact a living relative or loved one. But instead they are in contact with strangers. After awhile the same investigators come back. And, they are called by name by a spirit. Maybe the spirit is hoping that you (the investigator) can help them in the plight.
The other question for me is: Do they come back? Or, do they go somewhere else?
I've personally seen the situation that a spirit appears. For whatever reason? And disappear.
So, should a place not have people come in too often? Basically, giving them (the spirits) a rest? This is a very good question! Or, maybe visit a place. But, just don't disturb the spirits. Let them contact you.  Maybe this way they'll try to commicate again. Remember, they have plenty of time on their hands.


  1. From my own experience, there is no blanket rule. Attempted communication or visitation can increase and intensify activity in one locale or lead to a lull in activity. Reasons will, of course, be unique to each situation.

  2. I agree with merricat. It depends on the situation.

  3. I'm personally not a paranormal investigator. So, don't take my word for it. Please listen to the entire radio broadcast. These are "real" paranormal investigators involved for close to 10 to 20 years among the three of them. It was very interesting what they brought on this topic to the table. Remember this is "their" topic.