Thursday, June 17, 2010

Why Are Some Places More Haunted Then Others?

It seems to be that we hear about the same places over and over again to be haunted. It's understandable that it would. But, we are a planet of billions. And, billions died before us. Why isn't that we don't hear of more places being haunted?
My theory is that maybe certain areas of the earth are more prevalent to hauntings (like Ley Lines as an example). There must be something to this.
I've been to areas where so much tragedy/history have happened and yet no hauntings?
Can there be "portals" or "vortexes"? I don't know about this particular theory myself. There's an area out West, the city of Sedona, AZ. The whole town seem to be one big portal. Paranormal paradise. (This is for another time) (Love TripAdvisor)


  1. Sedona is not only a beautiful place to visit with the red rocks, but I felt a bit of calmness while staying there.

  2. My husband wonders this same thing. He doesn't understand why dinosaurs don't have ghosts. I say maybe they do and that accounts for some activity some claim as demonic...

    Sedona is neat. Cassadaga's another one. (Kind of the southeast's version, sans the pretty red rocks!)