Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Philadelphia Ghostbusters At Wizard World Comic Con

Twittered that I was at WW Comic Con this past weekend. So, many celebrities. Patrick Stewart, Linda Hamilton, Ernie Hudson to name a few. So, many old comics were also being sold. It brings back memories. I use to read "Tales of the Crypt" comics. As well as "Archie".
In the middle of the convention hall was a booth of "ghost busters". The are very well organized with there look as well as their group. Went over to speak to them. They were very friendly bunch. Took some pictures (Which didn't come out that well. Sorry, guys). They don't do really investigations. But, they do go to places to show up in full costume at charity functions. Such as Autism Speaks. As well as parties and so on. I met Dawn Poole, one of the GB's. She was very helpful to get the group together for me to speak to them. Thanks Dawn! And to all of you keep up the good work!

Please check out their website:


  1. gotta love it! who you gonna call...Ghostbusters!

  2. Thanks for the write up! It was nice to meet you too.

  3. This post is very interesting and all the details of comic con is very funny...Thanks for insight....